Majestic Landscapes Photography



Are you looking for a promotional photograph for a publication to bring attention or help bring more sales to your business?  Are you looking for a photograph to use on the internet, in a magazine, brochure, calender, book or in any other kind of publication?

I am also doing stock photography with most of my images. You can use any image (except Limited Edition Images) of mine that you would like to help bring attention to your company. I currently am not affiliated with any stock companies, so I have eliminated the middle man which I can then pass on the savings to your company. With the rising cost of doing business wouldn’t this be a great way to help save your company some money? Using one of my photographs, whether it be on the cover or somewhere else within the magazine would be a great way to bring attention to your arcticle and exposure to your magazine/company.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in pricing for stock photography.

Before you call, please have a few things in mind with stock photography, such as, what publication are you interested in placing the photo in, for how many publications, is it local, regional, national or world wide and for how long would you like to use the image for? Would you like it to be exclusive or non-exclusive?