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News from Kevin Brisolara, Photographer

March- 12-2013

Been very busy with uploading images to the gallery store, but managed to get out and do some snow shoeing and photography in Northern Illinois during all those snow storms. I will post a couple images from that outing here. Or you can go to the gallery store and view them in the Illinois gallery, they have been uploaded.

March- 11-2013

Both websites are up and running now. There is the main website where viewers can look at some of the most fascinating images I have to offer and then there is the gallery store. The gallery store is the website that you will be directed to when you go to order prints on the main website. You will also be able to view hundreds of other images in the gallery store that will not be uploaded to the main website. Here is the link to the gallery store: .

Late January 2013

I am very excited for the re-launching of Majestic Landscapes Photography. Have to thank my sister-in-law, Carey (CJ Creative Design) for doing a great job on my new website. Absolutely love the home page!!! Still some work to be done, but the layout should be finished in early February 2013 and galleries soon to follow.

Viewers will be able to see many areas of Oregon and other locations in the United States from my galleries. By visiting our Gallery Store, they will be able to order prints and other products. It should be easy and convenient for the customer to use.

Can't wait until the website is fully up and running.



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